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re.comm 24

Save the Date: 13th - 15th of November 2024

real estate leaders summit

Since 2012, re.comm has served as a visionary and exclusive forum, a hub of ideas, and a think tank. Each year, it provides intellectual nourishment and generates inspiration for up to 300 prominent figures in the international real estate industry.

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3 days/ 10 international keynote speakers / 300 top managers of the real estate industry

re.comm serves as a platform for innovative perspectives and forward-thinking ideas. The Think Tank explores subjects encompassing contemporary politics, economics, finance, philosophy, religion, art, science, renewable energies, globalization, mobility, and more. All of these elements are integral to the real estate sector and significantly impact our daily endeavors.

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The distinctive concept of re.comm aims to expand the social, professional, and personal horizons of its participants. It affords top players in the real estate industry the opportunity to foster "out-of-the-box" thinking.

In these intricate times, challenges persist not only in the economic realm but also within politics, environmental concerns, and modern technologies. Consequently, re.comm convenes decision-makers in the real estate sector in Kitzbühel to gain fresh insights and explore new avenues. Distinguished keynote speakers from diverse fields accompany re.comm participants, underscoring the imperative for proactive measures. Further details can be found in our SPEAKER HISTORY.

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