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re.comm 23

Save the Date: 15th - 17th of November 2023

real estate leaders summit

Re.comm has been a visionary and exclusive forum, workshop of ideas and think tank since 2012: Every year, it provides food for thought and impulses for up to 300 top players in the international real estate industry.

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3 days/ 10 international keynote speakers / 300 top manager of the real estate industry

The re.comm is a marketplace for visions and new perspectives. The Think Tank deals with topics such as current politics, economics, finance, philosophy, religion, art, science, renewable energies, globalization, mobility, and much more. All this is an integral part of the "real estate" sector and influences our daily activities.

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The unique concept of re.comm is intended to broaden the social, professional and personal horizons of the participants. The re.comm gives the top players of the real estate industry the opportunity to stimulate an "out-of-the-box" thinking.

Because these are complex times - and not only economically. Politics, the environment and modern technologies are always posing new challenges to society, and especially to those who are responsible. That is why re.comm brings together decision-makers in the real estate sector in Kitzbühel to gain new impulses and discover new ways. The re.comm participants will be accompanied by top-class keynote speakers from various disciplines - which leave no doubt that action is needed. You will find more about this in our SPEAKER HISTORY.

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