The re.comm19

3 days in Kitzbühel, 10 keynote speakers, 200 top managers from the real estate industry


re.comm is not a convention in the classical sense, but, rather, an innovative forum where lateral thinking is writ large. re.comm19 will again assume centre stage for the industry insiders and will on that occasion celebrate its seventh anniversary in Kitzbühel. Between 20th - 22nd November 2019, a great deal of interesting and inspiring ideas is coming up. Renowned speakers from different disciplines and countries will present top-class ideas.

It is a market place for new visions and new perspectives. The think tank is concerned with current topics in fields such as politics, international crisis, economy, finance, religion, art, science, renewable energies, globalisation, etc. All that can no longer be conceived of without involving the “real estate”, as it impacts our daily activities.

The unique concept of re.comm is to provide the top players in the real estate industry an opportunity to think outside the box. Re.comm thus seeks to expand the social, professional and personal horizons of the participants.

Think Outside the Box
For we are living in complex times – when the economy, politics and environment as well as the modern technologies are no longer the sole factors that continually pose new challenges to our society. And particularly to those who must shoulder responsibility. For that reason, re.comm is assembling the decision makers from the international real estate industry, who will provide new impetus and propose new approaches. At this event, they will be accompanied by top-level speakers from the most diverse disciplines who will leave no doubt in our minds that it is time to take action.

re.comm consciously distinguishes itself from other existing models: it considers itself more an innovation-convention and not as much a trade fair. In fact, it is founded on integrative, investigative and communicative reflections on topics that move not just and not exclusively the real estate industry.

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